Pug Lord

Session 3

The Capital

Our intrepid adventurers managed to find their way back into Snakewood Forest. Many paths lay before them, each with a stone tablet at the start. These tablets each had a cryptic riddle on them, and our adventurers used their smarts, wiles, and fish to solve them. They were markers, warning of werewolves and dragons, and one even showed the way back to Mami. Ivan the Cleric, in a stunning display of poor life choices, decided to rush headfirst into one of the werewolf clearings! Fortunate for him that he was able to get help from the rest of the groups.

After some grinding, our adventurers returned to the village of Mami to turn in their quest to Kale. Much to their surprise, they were rewarded, even though they failed to save any villagers. Kale and the Huntress Lyra had a suspicious conversation, and the group was then tasked to deliver a letter to Kale’s mistress in the city of Athkatla.

En route to the city, the group (sans Lyra) encountered a group of bandits charging a toll to enter the city. Haninozuka, Shota Wonder, decimated all but the leader and his son, which was then incinerated by aforementioned Shota Wonder. With a devastating blow from Samugh the Stout’s warhammer, the leader was felled.

After being given quarter by Lord Fillingim, the adventurers explored the city. Samugh wheeled and dealed, then managed to intimidate her way into underground animal fighting with Theia. Hani and Ivan unsealed the letter given to them by Kale and discovered the name of his mistress. They went their separate ways, with Hani gathering illicit goods for Lord Corrin, and Ivan attempting to convert the pagans of the city to his god.



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